Vegan. Made Classic.

As an answer to the growing demand for plant-based options, Aussie fan favourite, Drumstick, created Drumstick Vegan. But instead of launching just one flavour, they opted for three decadent flavours that challenge the current confines of what vegan ice cream can be.

Tasked with creating an identity and launch campaign, we decided to hero the flavour combinations that set this new product range apart from its competitors.

To do this, we utilised the iconic Drumstick silhouette, visually housing a world of flavour and bringing each product to life. Vibrant pops of colour and delicious real ingredients were used to ensured maximum appetite appeal; each combination revealed as a visual spill of ingredients carefully lay to rest in our environment with a sense of playful restraint.

We launched these visuals along with the line ‘Vegan. Made Classic.’; a twist on the brand line, that communicates the very essence of what this product launch has managed to do – transform vegan ice cream into an Aussie classic.

Drumstick_Metrolite UPDATED
Drumstick_TheSpencer2 UPDATED
Drumstick_Spencer3 UPDATED