Felix Riebl

Black Room White Walls

The latest solo release from The Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl, the aptly named album ‘Black Room White Walls’, takes you on a journey of exploration, as Riebl unpacts a contrast of feelings and emotion. “With the album, I wanted to write songs that hit people with a blast of something that was equal parts angst and positivity,” Riebl explains. 

Tapping into Riebl’s concept, we wanted to bring his album into the world by exploring the isolation people are experiencing within the white walls of their homes and create a unique listening experience for Riebl’s fans.

The result is an atmospheric typographic journey. We designed with a streaming-first approach in mind, creating a series of moving soundscapes that formed the album artwork and integrated with Spotify Canvas to enhance the listening experience. Each of these soundscapes drew inspiration from the five letters in his name, Felix. 

“The songs weren’t written in response to the things happening around us this year but it did feel like the right time to release them,” says Riebl. The experience is now available to fans from across the world, and can be accessed from anywhere with a signal, even in lockdown.