Feels good. Does good.

Purchasing sustainable toilet paper is more important than ever. But customers believe that buying 100% recycled means sacrificing on softness. As a toilet paper that promises both, icare needed to tackle this misconception by bringing its product promise ‘no compromises’ to life.

First, we needed someone to front the brand. So we created Blu, a witty and irreverent Aussie koala in charge of showing the world what icare was all about. We created a series of animations each detailing common compromises we as humans try to make and inevitably fail at, proving to our customers that compromises really don’t work. Which is fine, because icare doesn’t make any. The series was played across all platforms online, letting Australia get to know our furry friend Blu, and showing them that they don’t have to make a compromise when it comes to their toilet paper. They can have one that feels good, and does good too.